A Journey of Discovery

Welcome, and thank you for having a look at my photographic art while following along on my Journey of Discovery. In my youth I was amazed with the beautiful and powerful forces that have created the Earth we live on; whether hiking in the forest, walking the coastal beaches, or gazing at the night sky.

This keen interest has become a life-long passion. In 2008, while exploring North America is when I picked up my first DSLR Camera. Through these photographs I express my feelings for the locations I visit and the wonders of nature that I encounter along the way. How we see nature is a very personal thing. To this point, I believe a great photograph is not merely documenting the scene at hand, rather it is about fusing the essential vision of the artist with the landscape.

We are well into a new and exciting generation of photography that is incredibly more limitless than ever before. I embrace this new generation. The digital age allows us to overcome many of the technical challenges that limited ways of communicating such experiences to you by film photographers in the past.

My processes involves attention to detail in my field techniques, along with work in today’s digital darkroom to fine tune, optimize and adjust contrasts, colors, tonalities, luminosity, etc. in an attempt to better present to you the experience I felt in being there myself. As a result of this, I have captured images of Earth’s most extraordinary places.

About James Fougere

James is an accomplished explorer and photographer. James’ photography highlights his appreciation of the natural world and his keen interest in grand landscape and nature/wildlife photography. This life-long passion for the wilderness has taken him on a photographic journey across North America.